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Artist: Neelam sachan

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₹55,000.00 ₹42,900.00
Artist Neelam sachan
Size 35.5 Inch X 46.5
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Daring" by Neelam Sachan is an acrylic painting on canvas that features a young lady in a swimming costume with two wings like a fairy standing with the support of a wall. The painting is a captivating representation of a woman's strength and her daring spirit to embrace her true self.

The painting has a bold and vibrant color palette, with the young lady's costume and wings painted in shades of turquoise, blue, and purple, creating a sense of mysticism and fantasy. The wall behind her is painted in shades of warm orange and yellow, contrasting with the cool tones of the lady's costume and wings.

The young lady stands confidently with her wings extended, portraying a sense of freedom and power. Her gaze is direct and strong, representing her determination to take on any challenge that comes her way. The wall behind her acts as a support, symbolizing the inner strength that one can gain from finding support in their life.

Overall, "Daring" is a beautiful painting that inspires us to embrace our true selves, find our inner strength, and never be afraid to take risks in life.