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Cobalt Medley

Cobalt Medley
Artist: Vivek Singh


Artist Vivek Singh
Size 19.5 Inch X 13.5 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

Vivek Singh's creative process is intimately tied to the landscapes and memories that inspire him. In his painting Cobalt Medley, he uses a combination of cobalt and lilac colors to convey the emotions and sensations that he experienced in those landscapes. As an Abstract Expressionist, he uses bold gestures and brushstrokes to communicate his feelings and create a visceral experience for the viewer.

Singh's inspiration comes from his life in the hills, and his paintings reflect his connection to nature and the environment. Despite claiming that his paintings have little to do with the artist, his personal experiences and memories are clearly evident in his work.

Ultimately, Singh's approach to painting is deeply personal and emotional, drawing on his own memories and feelings to create works that resonate with others. By using abstract forms and bold colors, he is able to communicate universal emotions in a way that transcends language and culture, and connects with viewers on a fundamental level.