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₹15,000.00 ₹12,900.00
Artist Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay
Size 7.5 Inch X 8 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in S
Medium Water Colour on Paper

About Artwork

"Boatmen" by Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay is a captivating watercolour masterpiece that gracefully captures the essence of serenity and simplicity. Executed on paper with a monochromatic palette, the painting features two boatmen navigating the tranquil waters. The contrast of black and white hues adds a timeless quality to the scene, emphasizing the purity of the moment.

The composition centres around a boat, skilfully rendered with delicate brushstrokes that evoke a sense of fluidity. One boatman stands confidently, perhaps guiding the vessel, while the other peacefully sits, both absorbed in their respective roles. The ripples in the water beneath the boat convey a subtle dynamism, creating a harmonious balance between movement and stillness.

Bandopadhyay's expert use of watercolour brings life to the atmospheric elements, such as the play of light on the water's surface. The artist's keen attention to detail is evident in the depiction of the boatmen, whose expressions and postures convey a quiet camaraderie and shared journey. "Boatman" is not merely a visual feast but a profound meditation on the timeless dance between man, nature, and the gentle flow of existence.