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Top Oil on Canvas Indian Artists

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Oil painting is one of the oldest painting techniques of mixing drying oil with color pigments and using it to create beautiful artworks. This style of painting was first brought to use by the Chinese and Indian artists in the 5th and 6th century. However, it was only in the 15th century, that the oil paintings got popular worldwide. In this form of painting, the artists use various materials to work on but among them, the canvas is the most popular. The paint can be transferred to the canvas either with a paintbrush, palette knife or rags. The style of oil painting has now become the leading medium for creating magnificent artworks.

Here is a list of some of the top Oil on Canvas paintings by top Indian artists that will make you fall in love with art again and again.

1. Raja Ravi Verma

Born in the family of skilled artists, Raja Ravi Verma excelled in the field of art at an early age. He came to be known as a legend in the world of Indian art. He learned the technique of oil painting from the disciple of Ramaswamy Naiker and later developed his own style of oil painting. He created a number of artworks using oil on canvas and got recognition worldwide. Some of his famous artworks include the scenes from Indian literature.

2. Vasanth Amberkar

Born in the year 1907, Vasanth came to be famous for his exquisite talent of blending oil and pastels in his artworks. Being a great observer, he expressed the feelings and emotions of real-life experiences on the canvas. His portraits are mainly created with oil colors as it highlights the features of the paintings accurately.

3. John Fernandes

He is one of the most famous oil painters of all time. He draws inspiration from anything and everything he sees and makes marvelous paintings taking it as the subject. Most of his paintings are based on the representation of female forms that reveal the innocence of a woman. He has a unique style of playing with the brush strokes to make lines, forms and tones in his paintings.

4. Lalit Jain

Born in 1933, Lalit Jain was inclined to art since childhood. He learnt art at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and completed his graduation in 1963. His paintings are mostly based on eternal feminine form, human life, and mysteries of life. Currently, he stays in New Delhi, India. In his six decades of hard work, his paintings got exhibited at the gallery of National Museum, New Delhi.

5. Rijoy P Emmanuel

Rijoy P Emmanuel is a self-taught artist from Kerala who believes that learning is a never-ending process. He has stayed in many parts of the country while working with different organizations, there he met some wonderful people who taught him precious lessons and gave him some unforgettable memories. Some of his famous oil on canvas artworks include The Way of Buddha, Half Face, Beauty Queen, etc.

6. Vishwanath Nageshkar

An alumnus of J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai, this eminent artist has the unique style of portraying women as a protagonist in his paintings. Vishwanath Nageshkar was born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra and was a disciple of Captain Goldstone Solomon. The principal material for his drawings is oil on canvas and his artworks easily catch the attention of the people. Though he uses distinguished themes, his artworks have their own signature style.

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