Neel Buddha is a Painting Created by Anjana Birla

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Neel Buddha is a painting created by Anjana Birla in the 1990s. It’s a part of her collection of the Buddha’s Series of paintings. This painting has been made on canvas with oil colors. The painting depicts serene beauty and the blue color represents calmness. The rose petals on the left corner of the painting signify that Lord Buddha is a divine spirit and it’s a custom in our tradition to offer flowers to our deities. There is only one highlight in the painting to show the Divine sight of Lord Buddha.

The artist chose the blue color for the painting because whenever she asks for something from God, she looks up at the blue sky. Whenever she imagines something, she looks at the blue sky. And the blue color of the sky has various shades and it looks beautiful. Inspired by it, she used the different shades of blue color to show calmness in her Neel Buddha painting.

Anjana Birla is a self-taught artist and has made numerous paintings in the last 20 years. She never had formal training in painting. She lives in Chandigarh and is a school lecturer by profession. She was interested in painting since childhood and participated in many school art competitions.

Her cousins had a studio named Jyoti Kala in Jalandhar where banners for the upcoming movies were made and she used to go there and spend some time with them. She learned the technique of poster-making from there. Later on, painting became her passion or rather say stressbuster. But with the emergence of the printing press, they had to close the shop and now there is no trace of this business in the area.

With the span of time, art became an escape for her. She pursued her career in the field of science and did her Post graduation but never stopped painting. She has created a series of the paintings of Lord Buddha depicting the Mudras and some scenes from His life. 

“Painting is my passion and I never wanted to make it my occupation. For me, teaching has always been a noble profession and I find it amusing. I paint whenever I want and there’s no compulsion for me”, she says.

She prefers not to do her signature on the paintings as she feels that it destroys the beauty of the paintings though she writes her name on the backside of the paintings. She creates her paintings on canvas with oil colors. She draws her inspiration from nature. All of her paintings are full of beauty and imagination. She has been a part of various art exhibitions and displayed her paintings there.

“Although we should appreciate the new art forms, we should also try to preserve the basics of  Indian folk art. It’s good to find a range of modern creations in the Art Fair and the out of the box creativity amazes me. We can’t discourage the new art forms because it has given birth to a lot of brilliant ideas,” says Anjana Birla.

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