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Diwali is nearing and people are busy in investing for home décor. Apart from being the festival of lights, Diwali is an occasion to beautify our houses.  According to Hindu mythology, it is said to be the time of the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi and the atmosphere of joy, fragrance of dhoop, sight of our homes all done up with fresh paint on the walls, new additions to furniture, and the incessant focus on décor is considered auspicious for her welcome. In case if you are still wondering how to shape up your home décor, then we’re here with a solution. There are a lot of art galleries in India like Art Life Gallery, where you can easily buy beautiful paintings and sculptures that could illuminate your Diwali preparations.

In fact, you can choose from a wide range of paintings at an affordable price. The available paintings vary from Contemporary art (Neel Buddha) to traditional art (Madhubani painting) to sculptures of deities. You can even choose the medium of the artwork oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, watercolors, pencil on paper, and the list goes on.

Your one purchase will motivate others to buy Indian art instead of Chinese products. Thus, it will promote Indian art and motivate Indian artists to create more artworks for decoration purposes. Apparently, this method is less time- consuming and pocket- friendly for all of us.

Depending on the interior of your house, you can choose the form, texture, medium, and colors for the decorative material. Having an opportunity to choose from a wide range of options and that too from one of the best Art Gallery is a cherry on top. You can also supplement the decoration with candle stands, sculptures, and metal ornaments by some renowned artists.

To add a little dazzle to the décor you can place traditional figurines made of metal, steel, wood or stone to add a spiritual essence to your house. You can also place a Peacock Madhubani painting on the wall in front of the entrance of your room as a sign of good omen. It is considered a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and protection.

These paintings will not only provide your house with a typical Indian look but also boost up the confidence of an artist to create more and more artworks. Besides, these paintings can be kept hanging on the walls of your house even after Diwali. Because somebody has rightly said,“ A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.


This Diwali season you can opt to buy Indian art for home décor from renowned art galleries around you. Your one step will help us promote Indian art and artists and in return, provide you with beautiful traditional décor. These artworks are durable and can be used for decoration purposes throughout the year.Art life gallery has all kinds of mural paintings, Madhubani paintings, contemporary artworks, and glass paintings at affordable rates. In case you’re willing to buy an artwork this Diwali, reach out to us at Art Life Gallery and easily buy the best quality Indian art and lend your home an artistic value.

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